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Autumn is coming, is it feeling more and more ''skin'' weakness? Extremely nervous about your skin?

The skin is the largest defensive organ of the human body. When the skin is stimulated by the outside world, it will induce nerve fiber sensitivity and trigger a series of immune reactions, so it will appear:
These are all signs of damage to the skin barrier! !

Ordinary skin care products can only play a protective role. If you want to repair the damage that has already formed, you need a special product to give your skin a natural and safe care!

Mussel extract spray dressing

When it comes to skin, you may feel strange. If you change to ''Qingkou'', the foodies will come soon. Bustling night market, two pounds of mussels on the barbecue stall, grilled with garlic, and finally sprinkled with spicy, spicy and delicious, especially appetizing.

Mussel is a bivalve mollusc that sticks itself to the rock by secreting the foot or on the sea buoy, on the bottom of the ship while being exposed to the high salinity of seawater, it also faces the impact of sea breeze and waves. The adhesion of the foot is always invincible.

In 1980, American scientists first discovered mussel mucin, a natural protein found in the mussel foot. This discovery quickly became a global hotspot and was recorded in the journal Nature.

Through a large number of clinical trials, mussel mucin has been shown to form a reticulated biofilm on the surface of the skin, helping to resist external stimuli, avoid microbial attack, and accelerate the repair and healing of damaged parts.

Mussel mucin contains 20% lysine. Lysine can be combined with human tissue cells through electrostatic adsorption to promote cell adhesion, promote wound healing and healing, and thicken the epidermis!

PART 01 Cell Proliferation
PART 02 Cell crawling

It also contains 10% dopa group, which can consume oxygen in the environment and has a strong ability to capture free radicals, which makes mussel mucin have strong antioxidant capacity.

Mussel mucin is mainly used in large areas of burned skin in hospitals. It must be used up directly. The price is very expensive and it is almost close to the price of gold. Therefore, it is also called “marine soft gold”.

Repairing Hemorrhoids, acne
Acne wounds treated with mussel mucin can heal faster
Good skin function
Itching is also relieved

Repair hormone face, allergic face
Allergic to various hormones and heavy metals
After using mussel mucin
Can also get a good fix

3Anti-oxidation, fine pores
Can also be used for daily skin care
Fine pores after use to brighten skin tone
Skin is more delicate and smooth




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